History of the Association


In 1983 a group of Burnet ex-students had the idea to put together a Homecoming and All Class Reunion and related activities that would enable Burnet ex-students to reunite and revisit the old school days with each other. As a result the first All-Class Reunion was held in 1983. The reunion was such a success that in 1985 the second All Class Reunion was held. After the ‘85 reunion, it was decided to make the Burnet All Class Reunion an event that would occur every five years.

In 1990 the Burnet Ex-Student Association was formed and Articles of Association were approved. In 1990 the third Burnet All Class Reunion was held. Subsequently, the Burnet All Class Reunion has been held every five years from 1990. In 2015 the reunion was relocated from the Galloway Hammond Recreational Center to the Burnet Community Center.

In 2015 the Burnet Ex-Student Association voted to establish an endowment with the Hill Country Community Foundation. This endowment would allow the association to provide the awarding of a scholarship to BHS graduates to help support their future education. The Association set a goal of raising $10,000.00 for the endowment, thinking it might take several years to do so. Thanks to the generous support of the community and Burnet ex-students, the $10,000.00 was raised at the 2015 Burnet All Class Reunion.

With the support of the community and Burnet ex-students, we can now work to increase the amount of the endowment so that we may provide more scholarships in the future.

In 2016 The Articles of Association were amended through the adoption of Bylaws at a general membership meeting held August 9, 2016.  A major reason for the decision to amend the 1990 Articles of Association was to add fundraising for the Burnet Ex-Students Association scholarship endowment to the Association’s purpose.